Would like to 'Align' (horizontal, vertical) on points to bypass 'SetPoint' command


As I know from my experience this would speed things up because it gets more intuitive as most operations are horizontal or vertical. Is there a way to make “Align” work with points? Thanks a lot! Hannes

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Hannes - maybe a macro of SetPt will help ?

! _-SetPt _Pause XSet=Yes YSet=No ZSet=No _Alignment=CPlane



Something like the scale manipulator does in t-splines ? -Mark

(Pascal Golay) #4

Right, you can also type 0 in the gumball to smack all the selected points to a plane and then move them to the desired location with the appropriate Gumby handle.



@pascal @markintheozarks
would this be a valid feature for implementing into align command in v6? Again, I always want to keep things simple as fuck and this would be logical because in other situations points are geometry recognized by commands.

THanks! H


Wanted to set an alias AHP instead of AH for Align Horizontal Point same for AVP- but recognized why I dont’ like the set point command, because you operate via view and now you are always forced to check in which viewport you are and check the axis icon on the left bottom corner then think about which axis you should actually operate on to achieve the result of simply Align all selected points horizontally :smiley:

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Hannes - note that the macro sets alignment to CPlane to avoid this problem…



You’re a star!!! thanks that was the missing piece! Will set it as mentioned. Made my day! H


Wow - became a little powerful today!!! Thanks @pascal : http://recordit.co/sfxfFe5GVM

As mentioned bound it to AHP & AVP and works very good if you bind Q for Lasso (as in Illustrator) and you are good to go in most situations.