Would it be a lot of work/possible to use this "Win95 Pipes Screensaver" script in Rhino?

Would it be possible (and if so, very difficult) to convert this Python rewrite of the Windows 95 Pipes Screensaver code into Rhino, and use Rhino to to render out the pipe formations?


Should be fairly straightforward to port the geometry creation. Not sure about the animation and frame rate parts…

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Yeah, I’m hoping to just derive some still renders out of it – single frames. Do you (or anyone else) have the know-how to get this going (preferably in Rhino v5 macOS)? I’ll happily Venmo you some bucks if you can help me set it up on Mac.

Not sure i’ll Have the time to dig into this in the coming week - maybe someone else…?

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It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but I think somehow it’s related to this topic:

Thanks Mahdiyar, I’ll take a look at this GH script.

Let me know if you do have time – I’ll happily compensate you via Venmo if you can convert the script to RhinoPython for Rhino5 macOS.

Are you looking for something like this?


It is not a Rhino.Python, but GHPython component that I’ve written a couple of weeks ago!

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Honestly yes – it’s hard to tell from the demo here, but are these piped (do these pipes have a radius & volume)?

Not in the demo above, no! The script outputs a tree of points, where each branch contains the sorted points of one pipe. These points can then be post-processed, for instance turned into polylines and then piped.

Meshe pipes (fast):

Surface pipes (slow):

Interpolated Curve with MeshPipe:


That’s beautiful. If the script works on the Rhino5 macOS version of Grasshopper, would you mind letting me take it for a spin?

I don’t see any reason, why it shouldn’t work on macOS and Rhino 5. Let me think about it.

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Alternatively, if you’d rather keep it to yourself, I’ll happily Venmo you some bucks if you can pop me out 3 or 4 renders of the pipes (ideally in orange, blue, and grey colors); permitting I can use them in some graphics of my own creation.

I could provide you a Rhino file with some baked geometries or even internalised GH pipe points that you could modify/render yourself, free of charge. If your interested simply PM me!

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I’d like to see what you got, I’ll PM you. In the meantime, I found an alternate method of making some pipes haha…