Would difference 0.0000003 inch in helix and profile explain the naked edge between surfaces after sweep?

Not sure how I can do this otherwise.
units inches.
Pitch of screw thread 6 tpi.
I have an accurate whitworth profile for a 1.5 dia bolt profile made to the distance between two points after drawing a 1inch line and divide=6
it is 0.1666667 measured at max precision.

I then create a helix to the start and end axis where the thread I had plotted with this profile came to., for pitch I typed 1/6 and hit enter and got 0.166667

thats 0.0000003 difference.

I sweep profile to helix and get a gap between the thread.
I am unable to join it together with ctrl J.
is there a superglue command, or jumpTheGap command etc

surely 0.0000003 in what the profile measures and the helix measures wouldnt be enough to cause this, or would it ?

I dont want my project this hyper fussy about differences.

My next move was to slice the ends planar, make solid by cap the ends then chamfer 0.15 off the 1.5 dia solid )turned off) and boolean difference that and the thread, to get a lead in thread, if thats the way.
No videos on this at all with genuine thread profile. (its not a bolt but a special fixing)

Solid wouldnt work due to the gaps.

Whitworth 1.5inch.3dm (1.8 MB)


Hello - These are edges from a single surface - they are not going to ring up as joined. I’d probably make this with sharp Vs and add fillets after. You can clean up what you have by

  1. DivideAlongCreases > SplitAttangents=Yes
  2. Explode