Would appreciate your thoughts. Quadro or Geoforce for Modelling Coins and Jewelry?


I would really appreciate your input on this. I’m brand new to this so, I’m puzzling over the right balance of power/performance versus $. I’d be happy with 80% optimization before the price incremental price curve goes to the stratosphere.

Just looking for some feedback as to what level of video card I really need for using Rhino Flamingo and possibly but overly likely, Brazil for modelling low priced coins and jewelry - souvenir type items. We’re not into precious metals etc. we’re talking $-$$ per item, not $$$-$$$$.

Was also looking at possibly using Vectric and a legacy ArtCam licence for some other things like CNC’ed wood reliefs etc.

We’ll be adding workstations along the way, so I’d like to position in the middle for now and then once we have some miles under the wheels, we can make more informed decisions.

Current specs for the system I am looking at are:

9th Gen Core™ i7 9700 (8-Core, 12MB Cache, 4.7GHz 32GB RAM

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2070 8GB GDDR6 or GEForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB GDDR6

Or is there a more optimized card in the GeForce lineup? These cards seem to be about 77-87% capacity of the highest end cards. I’m open to Quadro but the curve climbs quick on that side.

My best guess is a Quadro P2000 or K2200?

Any input you can provide is much appreciated!

Go with the best GeForce you can afford. I wouldn’t bother with Quadro unless I was getting the absolute top-of-the-line, where I might be paying $5K for 5% better performance but at least I’m getting that 5%, the cheaper cards exist for legacy software that HAS be run on a Quadro because that’s all the developer will support.