World Axis Icon Changed to U S T (Solved)

Just got that surprise…

New for me, world axes icon changed to U S T mode, cant get it back to X Y Z…
Im probably missing something at Options…working at Millimeters, checked,
Help ?

Hi Gil - So many possibilities. I see all of these as equally likely interpretations, assuming it’s UST and not, say TUS, but the question I’m sure you have, obviously besides ‘which one is it?’, is how did it get that way? And how do I get it back. It’s new to me, but I don’t get out much… do you have any plug-ins running? Does it do this if you start up Rhino in Safe Mode?

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Universal Standard Time
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Those sound like texture space coordinates. Did you try starting Rhino in its safe-mode configuration? (There should be a shortcut for that in your Rhino start menu)

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@pascal @nathanletwory Hey Guys, Tnx for replaying,
using Tsplines, Rhinogold, Grasshopper & a 3Dconnexion Spacemouse, all are working for quit a while now, this never happend,
dont recall when exactly did it swapped to that mode…but for sure a the last few days…did nothing special,
checked in safe mode, still UST over there as well…


now when i think again, maybe at the SR14 update it was changed…not quit sure, but that was the only change that was made at my machine lately…

ok, think im having issues with SR14…
connecting support…
take a look at the fillet radios numeric value…

This was nothing to do with Rhino, forgot about the “Windows 10 Creators Update” that was made on my pc…
Had some more issues with other programs so looked it up online…the gibberish issue is known and fixable, you’ll find it here


OK! thanks for the update.


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