Workspace and Themes Collections

Hey McNeelians,
I’m trying to organize a few examples of different ways people organize their Rhino Workspace to create a tutorial or a catalogue or some other sort of workspace resource that might be handy for newcomers. Could you share a screenshot of your workspace/toobar config or info on your Display Mode preferences?

I think most of us can agree that the Rhino workspace/toolbar system is very overwhelming to newcomers and isn’t necessarily legible. Other programs like Maya, Sketchup, or Revit have different workflows and it’s worth comparing. Hopefully by cross comparing different systems, we might be able to find some commonalities and improvements

Some sources that I’ve been looking at already are here and may start a conversation:
Other modelling apps, and an understanding of “Flow”: Keeping Level Designers in the Zone Through Level Editor Design - YouTube
Rhino Theme Plugin: Ufuboceros - Custom toolbars, macros and tips for Rhinoceros users.: New Release: Rhino Themes for Rhino5!
Outdated McNeel Environments: Custom Rhino Environments [McNeel Wiki]
And a screen grab of my workspace:

There’s a loose idea of maximizing modelling space, one toolbar that controls what’s visible in the viewport, one toolbar that controls the selected object, and a vague visual hierarchy that mimics AutoCAD. The familiarity keeps me “in the Zone.”