Worksessions Visual Issues


I am running into some peculiarities with visuals in worksessions.

  1. Edge Softening
    The edge softening units in the original file are not scaled when attached into a worksession with different units.
    Resolution is to manually assign the scaled edge softening value in the worksession.
    Ideally this shouldn’t be necessary as the geometry is scaled properly.

  2. SetObjectDisplayMode
    This behaves oddly and I’m not sure why. If I drag a file and attach it into a new, blank file, SODM seems to work fine.
    However, I have a worksession with numerous attached files; a pointcloud and two separate model files. The view is set to Rendered. Changing the SODM of one object to Ghosted or Shaded does nothing. Changing it to Wireframe makes it disappear (maybe that’s a Render display mode setting).
    Is there anything else I should try to get a worksessioned object to be transparent in a rendered view?