Worksessions and ShowInDetail


I have a drawing file that the model file is worksessioned into. HideInDetail has been used extensively in the layouts. I’d like to show some of the hidden parts, but ShowInDetail isn’t working. Error message is “No objects are hidden” (V5) & “No hidden objects in this detail” (V6).

Can anyone else reproduce this?

V5 & V6 WIP (with V5 and V6 original files)


This morning everything is shown in all layouts. So it appears worksessions are not the best way of keeping modeling and drafting separate. Does anyone else have a better process?

Nick have you tried this in V6/WIP? It may be no different, I’m not sure off hand but a lot iof work has been done in that general area…


I’ve only tested the original problem of ShowInDetail not working in either V5 or WIP.

I have not tested the production work that had everything shown this morning, being real work the draftsman is just getting into it and has already “fixed” his problem. My problem is trying to smooth out production hurdles, like keeping modelling and drafting as separate processes.