Worksessions and Section / plan views

I apologize if this has been asked before, but I dont manage to figure out if there is a way to use worksessions and still have plan and section views to include all the referenced drawings

VisualARQ objects are not displayed properly when they are in worksessions. This is something we plan to improve in the future.
In the meantime you can insert files into other documents as blocks. But you need to insert them as “embed and linked” blocks, in order that VisualARQ objects in there are displayed properly.

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The embed and link method works well though still has some kinks. I’ve mostly had issues with beams stretching into infinity when updated through the block manager.

Most of my models are currently all cut in the same file in which they are modeled. This works well for smaller projects. However I would ultimately like to be able to separate them into a BIM file with several lighter drawing files referencing the BIM file.

Hi @arcus, can you send us those models with the kinks? ( We can take a look and try to fix them. We are aware of some errors of beam joints when they are joined in a very acute angle. But updating the beams (or the block where they are) should fix this issue.
On the other hand yesterday we releasesd VisualARQ 2.1.3 that fixes an error when inserting documents in an elevation different than 0. Make sure you have this new update.

You should be able to do this with embed and linked blocks.

Thanks Francisc for pointin to the right workflow.
the Advantage of working with the worksession is that the update process is a bit smoother (no need to call the block manager out) and you can activate different parts of the drawings in a slightly more interactive way.
With a reservation system that would make visualarq very close to Archicad in the handling of complex projects.

I’ve since merged the file into a single file and no longer have the issue. I’ve also updated to the most recent version. If it happens again I will send you the files.

Thanks for the response!

Hi, “linked” block /worksession display is something I find very crucial.
Looking forward to future implementations about it.

Hi @ahmet.unveren,

Is there any reason the Linked and Embed insert option doesn’t work for you?

I know it’s not the ideal solution, as it will make the host file bigger on disk, but once opened, there is no difference on memory footprint or display performance.



Hi Enric,

Yes, Linked and Embed option works however the bigger host size increase each ‘saving file on disk duration’. That’s the main issue.