Worksession with Bongo

Hi there anyone has an experience with Worksession Files each containing bongo animation sets? it seems it is not quite supported, some of the definition were deleted upon attaching files.


To be more specific, if a file with the viewport animation is added, the animation definition gets deleted in the process.

Do you mean that if you attach a file with Bongo data on it in a Worksession, that will remove the animation data from the original file?
I just tested it and it seemed to work fine here… The animation data was not deleted, but I might be doing it in some other way than how you’re do it.
If you can give us some more info about the problem, as in steps on how to make the problem happen or send us an example model. It would be helpful.

hello Marika,
i have replicated the issue an uploaded it here:

I hope the video helps.


Hi Daniel,
A Bongo animation just works if the file is the active file in a worksession.

So in your example, if Cube.3dm is the active file the cube animation works the sphere animation doesn’t.
Now if you make Sphere.3dm the active file the sphere animation works the cube animation doesn’t.

Me too I always found this a serious limitation because I work with worksessions a lot.


Hi tobias,
starting from the 48th second, the cube.3dm is the active file in the worksession, yet the viewport animation has disappeared. I wouldn´t mind having animation definitions for only active files, the problem is they are somehow not accessible.

That’s strange… I never had an animation dissapear in a worksession.

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perhaps just some glitch, anyway if I define animation within worksession than it stays, so actually not the biggest bug one can imagine…

I apologize for the delayed reply.
Looks like I misunderstood you. Using Bongo models through Rhino’s worksession feture is unfortunately not supported.
That’s why it doesn’t work the way you expect it to.