Worksession wish : "open model"

I think it would be practical to have an “Open Model” option when right-clicking on a model reference.

Open Model

You say ATTACH and SET ACTIVE a drawing?

No, I just want to open a referenced model in a new Rhino instance.
Referenced models can’t be edited in the context of a worksession, and there’s a big chance that you need to edit someting in one of them at some point.
Therefore, it makes sense to have an “Open” option handy instead of launching a new Rhino instance and browsing for that file.

I could set that model as active, but in a Worksession with many references, this takes a long time to refresh, and it’s preferable to edit separately and then refresh just that one file.


Rhino for Windows is not a multi document application.
Rhino for Mac is, and that is why Worksessions don’t work in Mac Rhino.
It’s a bit of a mess.

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I run Windows ; not sure why you mention the Mac version.

It’s the other side of the same issue.
I deal with both Mac and Windows.

Hi @osuire,

I’ve added your wish to the heap.

– Dale

Thanks !

I also feel like this would be a very useful feature.