Worksession saving

I am curious every time I switch active models and get a dialog to ask if I want to save the worksession. If fine the first couple but after switching back forth all day it’s getting old.

Yeah, I do not know if that is really necessary for the thing to work… I’ll put it on the pile and see.
My guess of the moment is that the system does not distinguish closing a file for good, and closing it as part of an ongoing worksession.
RH-59751 Worksession: Ask less often


Yeah I don’t mind asking to save the file, but the worksession is a different animal.

I think it is legit to ask - but not on every change of state so to speak, more like when it going to be finally closed, like any other file. Thinking about this some more, I bet it was by design since the thing is meant to hold onto the current state… but anyway we’ll see what the developer says…