Worksession Material BS

Why am I getting these messages when I attach a work session? This never happened in V5?


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It’s on the pile:

Hi John,

Sorry I can’t glean anything from that link. Is this a bug what is this dialog for? I don’t want a material that is within an attached file to have it’s name changed. This is stupid behavior.

Also materials that are from an attached file should not show up in the materials tab. The materials tab is a mess and this makes it worse. If one needs to get at the attached materials one should make that file active which is now easy to do in V6

However if you plan to keep it this way at least they should show up underneath the current materials and not be mixed in with the current ones. Take a look at how an attached files layers are shown, this is how materials should be shown not spread into the current active materials. And that dialog should never show up I don’t see a use for that I don’t want Rhino renaming materials or touching anything in an attached file.

One glitch under, Materials, menu , Thumbnail, switching the rendering style to default the attached files material icons remain in skylight rendering. Anyway I think the safest and cleanest way is to not show materials from an attached file.


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There’s more on this issue here: