Worksession Extract Surface

So in the WIP, haven’t tested it in V5 yet, if I have two files that are in a worksession, for instance “File 1” is worksessioned with “File 2” and I am in File 2. Then I run ExtractSrf on a face in file 1. If the option Output Layer = is set to current layer I get a new surface in file 2 on my active layer. Which is what I would expect. If the Output Layer is set to Input then it creates a copy of the surface on the existing layer but nothing is really put into the file. If I close and reopen file 2 the surface isn’t there.

File 1.3dm (67.7 KB)
File2.3dm (71.0 KB)

Hi Dennis - thanks, I’ll check this. It should probably just override the option and assume current layer in the current file in this case.


Yes that works or import the layer into the current file if it’s not already there.