Worksession - Edge Softening won't release, or show source

Another problem I’m struggling with (opening an old project from 2016/R5) is that although I have removed Edge Softening in all individual model files, Rhino still tries to soften edges when opening the Worksession holding these files (and many radii are too big, and it’s slow and… so on).

And the problem is the following:

  1. The Edge Softening setting is not actually cleared in the files (despite me clearing it)
  2. Or, the warning text is not reporting the file name in which the softening radius is “too big” (so I’m trying to correct the wrong file)
  3. Or, the Worksession keeps a cache of settings which is not correctly updating this setting when the individual files are modified.

Example: I just cleaned up all Edge Softenings in the following file, and then updated the Worksession file, but the softeing is still active… :

The individual original files are from R5, perhaps R6 simply doesn’t recognize the correct property (Edge Softening) so as to be able to clear it?

All the (attempted to remove) Edge Softenings takes forever although there should be none left in the entire project. Puzzling.

This type of “clearing old properties” problem happens to Blocks as well (Sometimes impossible to remove layers holding a Block definition which is not visible in the Block Manager. Workaround : Export Everything else in the model, expect for the haunted layer(s) into a new file.)

Lotsa clean up still undone in R6… But we are slowly getting there. :cowboy_hat_face:

// Rolf

ApplyEdgeSoftening mystery

I found that if running

ApplyEdgeSoftening > RemoveAll

… there will not show up any “RemoveAll” option. Apart from the command itself not being listed when typing “ApplyEd…” (couldn’t find it in the help file either) one has to know that you must not have anything selected, otherwise you cannot remove um… EdgeSoftening. How intuitive is that?

< scratching head >

I suggest that “RemoveAll” should be introduced on the panel AND as an additional option on the ApplyEdgeSoftening command also when objects are selected.


  • Adding the info to related parts of the documentation. I have wasted several hours going back and fourth through my files trying to clean them by un-ticking the “On” checkbox, which does NOT remove EdgeSoftening…

// Rolf

Got myself into the same pit again.

Fix this, and “this” means:

  • Help - Add the term “EdgeSoftening” to the help system. Search should find the shortest term which makes sense to normal people.
  • Feedback - Command should show up when typing “EdgeSoftening”, regardless of prefix or suffix.
  • ??? - The command should show up regardless of whether anything is selected or not (see previous posts).

Why are there undocumented features available in menus/tool palettes and not even the command line gives any hints unless you know exactly what to type?

And why isn’t it fixed after months and years?

// Rolf