Worksession and layouts

Hi All.

Should layouts from file also appear while attaching? I’ve got geometry from Model space only.

Sorry, if it’s already explained somewhere. Didn’t find with search.

Only model geometry gets attached to file in worksession afaik.

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Hi @keshavanarayan82
Ok. Thank you for respond.
Surprising a bit, but Ok.

Next question follows.
How do people usually connect two (or more) separate drawings in one PDF?
Drawings are not Make2D versions, so no way to just copy/paste.
Is it possible by Rhino without other software?

can you explain what are you trying to achieve? you can link 2D elements by using “insert” command make sure the target file is linked.

I have two separate files with layouts.
I want to make one PDF of all the layouts from both files.
Is that possible?

This feature is being referred to as “Batch Plotting”. unfortunately it is not a feature in Rhino.
AutoCAD made it possible by creating “Sheet set” where you can attach multiple layouts from multiple files and print them at once. pretty handy for architectural sheets.

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Hi @tay.othman
Great. Thank you for explanation.

Looks like a new feature request for v8.

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I’d say V9… V8 is pretty set right now,