Working with Vectorworks Block Objects

(Vectorworks apparently calls them “symbols”.) But I can’t get them into a Rhino project.

I am getting vectorworks objects into Rhino format by opening a vectorworks-created .dxf with Rhino and saving it as a .3dm. The resulting Rhino file won’t insert into Rhino (that’s a problem too, but not the one I’m looking into here) so I’m ctrl-c copying the objects from the newly-saved .3dm and ctrl-v pasting them into my destination project. Any block object Rhino has created from the Vectorworks symbol objects won’t come in, but is then identified in the target project’s Rhino Block Manager with an error message (ERROR No geometry found for block definition).

My efforts to correct this have extended to deleting the objects within the Vectorworks block (once it’s in Rhino) and rebuilding them from scratch, but that hasn’t had any effect. Which makes me think it might be a problem in the instance definition, so here’s the “what” of a typical one:

block instance

ID: dc39a481-112d-4eab-82b0-c55594034312 (60143)
Object name: (not named)
Layer name: M1ObjStandingPanel::COntrols
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1
Attribute UserData:
UserData ID: CE28DE29-F4C5-4faa-A50A-C3A6849B6329
Plug-in: 17b3ecda-17ba-4e45-9e67-a2b8d9be520d
description: User text (0 entries)
saved in file: yes
copy count: 23

Valid block instance.
Block Instance
-1.5899583414600584e-16, 0.083333333333333315, -1.5695408136456979e-16, -5.410007432781331
-0.056270616831274503, -2.3129646346357425e-16, -0.061465942812848257, -0.14306643664242516
-0.061465942812848263, -1.3877787807814457e-17, 0.056270616831274503, 3.6453548727792136
0, 0, 0, 1
Block Definition (embedded)
Block ID: 49D259B5-BC1F-4fef-AEC6-D823D4AD056D

Hello - if you have VisualArq installed, we have just been looking at a problem pasting blocks - as a test, please paste twice, and on the second paste ask Rhino to replace the existing block. Does that result in a valid block?


Va’s installed. I tried that, and it worked (seldup>delete cleaned up the doubling). Thanks Pascal.