Working with hidden features in 3d model

Hi All,

In my job we make 3D sculptures with a CNC in styrofoam, the models often have an internal steel frame.

During the first part of the production process, the steel frame is not important and often obstructs my view, so I like to hide it or put in a different layer. But inevitably by working with the model, scaling, cutting, strechting… the model and the frame lose position relative to eachother after a while and I do not notice it because the frame is hidden.

Is there a good way to help this ?

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In a mildly similar scenario, but with bolts etc rather than your frame, I found that by putting the items on their own layer, making the layer colour quite transparent and locking the layer so I didn’t snap to items on it, meant that I could work in Shaded Mode with the ghostly presence of the items as an aide memoire.

(Transparency was introduced in Rhino 7, so no help if you are on an earlier version though…)


haha mildly similar, I like that phrasing :slight_smile:

I like the idea too, but locking the layer doesnt seem to stop snapping on those items for me ?

It’s an option setting:


thanks again. i’ll try this setting out !

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