Working with file 500-1000 mb

how match GB RAM recommend to working wit file 500-1000mb

Depends what you need to do with that file. I regularly work with files that size. Some things will demand a lot of memory, others not. 16 gigs would be a minimum for me, and since memory is cheap these days, I might go with 32. I know that I ran my colleague’s computer out of its 12 gigs of memory with a large terrain file, and I have also on occasion run my usage over 16 gigs without crashing on my machines that have 24-32 gigs.



I work with a lot of large files at work usually 2-500mb. 12 gb of ram seems to cope well. But at home I have a couple of files that would top out at over a gb if not for using blocks, its still over 500mb but even with 16gb of memory it was still maxed out. So I added another 16gb, still a little slow but much better than before the memory upgrade. RAM is a relatively inexpensive upgrade. One other addition I included in my new computer I made last year was a 240gb SSD for my C drive.


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