Working on points from intersection curve


I am very new to Rhino and GH, and I am trying to extract the intersection points between some imported terrain meshes and a mesh i put in myself. The “meshintersect”, “curve” and “control points” workflow seems to extract the information I want, but I am unable to work further on the list of coordinates.

Are the lists from “point decompose” not actual lists, or is it my syntax in GH Python that is incorrect?

Basically, I would like to get rid of the y-component of the points and export the merged x and z components to a text file. I would really appreciate your help.

Check this (10.4 KB)

Thank you for the reply. Your code works well. Are the lists gathered from point splitting considered strings by Python?

As i know if you want use number as integer or string this is your choice but in this case it is string because Format (component) output is a text, and the file saved as text.

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