Working on a dark rhino theme

wondering what you guys thought so far

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I love it! How did you do it? And, is it a RUI file you can share?

In general, I think the Rhino interface has needed a refresh for a while. I’m a fan of modo. See below.

I think Rhino should be default dark theme for user, the existing theme is too ugly

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I like the green type, seems a little clearer and more readable and the icons stand out a little more. Looks cool overall.

Modo has all that teeny tiny writing though. And now I know you’re a Modo fan, why aren’t you doing the Lynda videos for Modo?!? The guy they have has the most amazing, relaxing voice I’ve ever heard but unfortunately it’s so relaxing I usually drift off after ten minutes.
Also, he has no penguins. At all.

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Ahhhh, that would be because I don’t know modo. I just like the way it looks! So shallow.

This is true for most of the lynda videos, including my own. The reason is that they edit out all of the pauses and mistakes so that there is no ‘dead air.’ The result is a constant flow of words, which I liken to wind blowing through the trees at the ocean. Z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z. I have put myself to sleep when watching my own videos!

When I assign these otherwise excellent videos to my class, I remind students to follow two rules: Sit up and keep the lights on. If you’re lying down and its dark, there is no escape!

Thank you for noticing. I am still waiting for the lynda staff to make me stop.

Have to admit - I hate the modo UI - clunky, confusing. And there seems to be general agreement on the modo boards that it’s long overdue for an overhaul. I like the look of Maya’s new UI very much.

Nonetheless, for all the complaining, I’d probably put Rhino’s UI at the top of the list for ease of use. It could use a face lift maybe but I’d be upset if we ended up with multiple viewports like modo and endless text lists all over the screen.

i did it thru messing around with the color schemes and using the text description instead of icons, if you give me about a week ill upload the interface , i agree modo’s interface is gorgeous, as is cinema 4D’s but the one i loved the most was XSI

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thank you Rory, am looking at different shades of green and maybe a solid black interface and view port, if the grid colour is just right, pure black for the view ports looks stunning, will also have to recolour the icons for curves as they are mainly black as well

Pardon my French…

Des goûts et des couleurs, on ne discute pas.


Tabbed panels are always white.

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I somehow don’t think that’s as true as you’d like it to be :slight_smile:

The lack of a Command prompt makes it a lot slower in my opinion than Rhino.

If you know how to create an Alias.txt file for most used commands, then there’s no way for modo to be faster :smiley:


Modo 302?!? someone’s a bit behind the upgrade curve :wink: