Working "far" from the origin

New thread because it doesn’t have to do with the original question anymore.

But after working a bit on a few imported objects, I noticed this:


And yeah, those surfaces look terrible, but I was in “go mode”… and then I took a step back…

Half of all the previously clean fillets were now completely mangled!

Start over time, I guess. Sigh!

Again, @Pascal, is this really that far from the origin or am I missing something else?

No, working only 3 meters from the origin in mm should absolutely not produce bad stuff. 3 kilometers maybe, but not 3 meters. Something else must be going on.

Yeah, I think the problem was that I set the tolerance to 0.1 units… I was playing with the tolerances earlier, because I got weird results, and forgot to set them back… my fault probably!

I figured it out when this was a result from cap:


And this was the result from fin in the same spot:


That’ll do it.