Workflows to reduce file size

Just wondering if there are any hacks that can help reduce file size. Quite often i need to send a file to someone on a slow mobile connection where every MB counts.

Does iRhino just import render meshes? Would converting copied objects into blocks help?


Blocks won’t help.
Since iRhino display meshes and render meshes, I would make meshes with a few facets as you can tolerate (this may take some experimentation), and export just those minimalist meshes to a new file you’ll send to the iRhino user.
I’d open it in Rhino first to be sure the colors are all as you expect.

Thanks John, that helped!

Textures take a lot of file space in the 3dm file. Sometimes I export as 3DM by selecting save small, save geometry only and untoggle texture and other data. You can make a fast button for that.

this is working for obj as an example.

! -_Export _GeometryOnly=_Yes _SaveTextures=_No _SaveNotes=_No _SaveSmall=_Yes
VertexWelding=Unmodified YUp=Yes enter enter

EDIT: sorry 4 years late…

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