Workflows for material application to VRMESH in NEXT

Having gone through several parts of Lesson 2 Tutorial for VRAY for RHINO, it’s clear that the method of applying materials to VRMESHes has changed. I see that you set the materials using the Geometry of the mesh, but I don’t understand how all of the adjustments interact.

Somebody please point me in the correct direction. In particular, once you’ve set the materials for a VRMESH (and all of its components), how could you go back and adjust them using advanced controls?



Hi, the new method is just an alternative to the old one. It makes no difference internally, by creating a MtlMulti behind the scenes and assigns it to the proxy object int the renderer only - thus it is 100% identical to the “original” method, just a bit more intuitive when it comes to user interface. You can use whichever method is more convenient to you, and the toggle button in the proxy’s right pane controls which method is active.

The benefit of the new method is that it no longer requires to create the wrapper material and apply it to the proxy object. Two steps you can eliminate from your workflow.