Workflow Rhino7 Mac

Hey there I have a general question regarding workflow in rhino 7 for mac:

What is the best way to work on big projects with many different versions and states of one single project? Rhino is not 100% reversible like other CAD (Autocad, Fusion…) but in some scenarios I want to be able to go back to an earlier state of my model. The way I used to do this in (any other programm really) Is, to “save as” many in between steps as needed by creating v1,v2,v3,v4 and so on. The problem here is that sometimes problems accure for exampe, saving accidetely on top of another planned in between step etc.

Also it is very annoying that rhino for mac does not allow to “save as” under the next name spontaniously, It creates a duplicate of the open project, And I need to delete the older project underneath the new duplicate, by dragging the new duplicate away and saving the new project under a new name in the tiny field, showing only a limited number of letters… This is very very time consuming when making several steps.

What is your way to deal with many “in between steps” and is there a better way to handle huge projects with many versions?

You can save as by hitting SHIFT + ALT + CMD + S.

I personally save historical states manually, but it requires discipline, and I often forget to do it.
You could potentially dial up the auto-save frequency in Rhino and have an external script or program (i.e. Hazel, Time Machine, rsync) copy and rename snapshots at regular intervals.

There’s also auto versioning running in the background.
basically every time you hit Command + S a version is being saved to the Big Grey OTHER [that inaccessible {directly} segment of the OS]
and you can access these through > File > version > show all version. They are sorted by date and time, so for organised version naming, save as is perhaps more what you would want.


Hold the Option key when in the File menu and you’ll see a SaveAs choice. Or use the SaveAs command.

macOS versioning is also a way to get back to previous states as mentioned.