Workflow improvement-Selection & manipulation tools

Some tools i find in for blender subd work helpful which can be implemented to have more robust subd workflow in rhino-

shortest path selection
- we do this already, pick two point then double click a point between them and all point will select in that bracketed area.

Fill selected region is nice
Fill selected regions with diagonal corners is nice too
Grow is nice but gets messy with uneven topology
convert to circle is cool too as long as the topology was clean

extrude normal is on our list already.
set flow can be done with gumball

RH-77961 subd editing tools-

I’ll write up the good ones as feature requests- thanks for the video.

Actually set flow is not just making vertics or edges flat but is a very dedicated tool to normalise the edgeflow to nearby curvature, if i got time i will post different example for that because some situation arises where we cant make perfect flow just by gumball movement.