Work with .stl modell in Rhino (boolean operations)

Hi there,
I got a rather complex issue. This concerns a project from my university (it’s for the labaratory of photogrammetry and surveying).
We were supposed to generate a 3D-modell out of simple photographs via visualSFM (creates a point cloud out of the pictures) and MeshLab (generates meshes out of the pointcloud).
In my case I want to create a physical modell out of cardboard (in horizontal layers).
Now my problem is, that I wanted to create the outlines, that are needed to get each layer cut out by the cutting table, with a boolean operation in rhino.
So far I can import my modell in rhino, exported as a .stl-file from Meshlab, but it can just not be worked with. Maybe someone has a useful tip for me or maybe I’m just thinking this whole thing too complicated. Thankful for any help.

Greetings from Cologne, Germany,

Have you tried the Contour command yet? If I’m understanding the project, this will give you section curves in the Z axis for the cardboard layer outlines. If this doesn’t help, can you share the mesh file and any more info on what’s not working?

BrianJ, you saved my day. This is exactly the command/ operation I was looking for.
Thanks a lot!

Excellent! Post a picture of the real model if you can when it’s finished. It looks like a lot of cutting depending on the scale!

Alright, I will do so. Though it may take a couple of weeks until I have an appointment in the CAM-studio. Kind of excited though, how accurate the modell will turn out.

Though this thread is already a couple of weeks old, here are some pictures from our projects.
Due to the scale (1:10 on 2mm paper) lots of details went missing at the ‘top of the cathedral’. Therefore our ‘horsestatue’ turned out to be quite detailed.
BrianJ, thanks again for your help.

Greetings from Cologne,

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Nice! Thanks for sharing. This is going to be one epic chess set!

Yeah right. Would leave me poor, though.