Work offer

ARCHITECTS, I have Grass hopper job for payment … 2 hours max, East London
Any one interested?

Basically taking a component and playing around with - super simple but …

I can help you if it is not urgent and doesn’t require scripting.

Dear Piotr,

Thanks for the quick replay,
I do have a dead line is by this Friday…
i think its 2-3 hours work for someone that is GH professional,
Tell me what you think and then we could negotiate … ill pay what ever is

Phase 1

I have basically this component that i need to make into a skin,
it means that the middle bar in the component, the on the is connected to
all the hexagon corners , is heat sensitive and can be adjustable and
stretch and compress according to the climate control - we can invant these
data cause the only thing that matters is the visual translation of this
concept ! 0.2m-3m ranging between 12-26 degrees
in the surface it self i would like to be able to play with those middle
bars which will result in a various width dimensions in the over all skin
texture …

Phase 2

Will be able to adjust this surface on to geometry ?
like a balloon ?

Thats all :slight_smile:

just to ask; will i be able to get color defenestration and other
diagrammatic drawings out of it?
part then make 2d…

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I won’t be able to help you before Sunday. I am overloaded with my stuff. I hope someone will be able to dedicate some time before you reach your deadline.
Good luck with your project