Wooden matrix for gypsum production

Hi. Another matrix for the subsequent manufacture of a mold for casting from gypsum.


Do you have a photo of the mold? I’d be interested in seeing how that looks like. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, this is not my part of production. But I can try to request some photos.

Don’t worry about it.

Great work! Out of curiosity: How was the mold produced?

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Thank you for your interest. After CNC processing, we get a wooden form, which is putty and polished to the desired smoothness. Then this matrix is placed in the formwork and filled with silicone. After that, the wooden part is taken out, and the silicone mold is ready for pouring the gypsum. The gypsum-filled mold is placed in a vacuum chamber to extract excess air from the product. Previously, a vibrating table was used for this, but in this case sand settled to the bottom. The choice was made in favor of a vacuum.


Interesting, thanks for sharing.

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Great, such admirable delicate work!!

I am currently working my way into modeling ornaments… Could you tell me how this was modeled? Did you just use NURBS (or curves), and then convert to surfaces? Or was SubD also used here? Please excuse any silly questions, as I said I’m just starting out in this field… But I would be very happy about any information… Many greetings

Hi -

Some of that was answered here:

Hello Ludwig. Yes, these are only and only surfaces constructed from curves. In my opinion, it is better to take the time to construct a support skeleton from the curves, and then “stretch” the surface. I am used to working in this manner.

Good luck.

Hello Andrey,
thanks for the reply and the information. This is really very impressive! SubD offers many good options, but certainly in this case and with such skills in curves workflow it is very obvious to stick with this method. The results speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing.
All the best. Ludwig

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Hello, master

Only to know not to do.

-How degree do you vacate the vacuum chamber?

-How long does it take for the air bubbles to be extracted from the gypsum (while gypsum hardens in a short time)?

  • do you add a substance to the gypsum to delay its solidification or strengthen its structure later?

-Have you made the vacuum yourself (was it your idea in such type of molding)?

Nice work!

Is there a reason why you use wood for the master rather than something like the PU block material? Like this https://www.easycomposites.co.uk/pu-high-density-model-board

Wood is probably more environmentally friendly I suppose. What type of wood is it?

martynjhogg, recently something has changed - instead of a wooden mold, they tried to cut a gypsum mold. Everything worked out great. So the wood is no longer used.

Sciensman, This is a bit out of my field of work. Directly I do not cast anything and do not own the information you are interested in. I’m still a regular 3D modeler, nothing more)