Wood textures lifeless in rhino compared to sketchup

I’m trying to quickly model an external facade in Rhino for a client, and my partner was able to make a much better result in 2 minutes in sketchup due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the materials there. The wood in sketchup is miles better. The material that sketchup uses is actual boards in a pattern that more accurately resembles an installed wood facade. Ugh. I hate it but I think my experiment with rhino might be running out of steam. I keep finding these instances where using it as an architecture tool is not as easy as many options in the same price bracket.

If someone has a resource that can help me not lose the faith, I’d love it.

What material library are you using? What are you rendering with? Are you using bump maps, reflectivity maps, normal maps or just a diffuse image?

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I haven’t used sketchup but it sounds like you want something that looks like this?

Googling textures gets e.g. https://www.textures.com/browse/bare/45356
Download an image and apply as a ‘picture material’ all in about 2mins :wink:

If you want to go deeper bumps and normals et al will give you increasing control.

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Can you post a 3dm file and examples of what looked good from SU and what you’re getting with Rhino?

I’m using the standard Rhino Renderer with the standard materials generally. The same as I’d be using with SU.

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Thanks, this is helpful. I’ll check it out.

If I get enough time to create that, I will. Thanks for the interest and follow up.