Wood Paneling/Siding

Hi, I’m pretty new to grasshopper and I’m trying to recreate the wood structure of the picture in grasshopper to be able to modify it as we please.
The basic idea is to have wood panels with more than 3 sides that can be modified with points (or planes from 3 to 7 points ->one panel=one plan but delimited by one polyline) in rhino to be able to change the shape of the panel. To be able to have the panel following the orientation of a polycurve for example would be awesome.
The other requirement would be to be able to easily change the orientation (direction of the of the siding and the spaces between each pieces of wood.

I’ve tried to begin the project but I’m having trouble at the very beginning… Can’t manage to trim properly the lines. And if I move the upper point, the line doesn’t follow the movement and keep staying straight up.

If you could help me a bit it would be fantastic =)

I’ve manage to make the paneling but I can’t figure out how to make the panels follow the plane created by the points I used. Any Idea ?