Wonderfully Dry Drafting Video c1947

It’s nicely done for 1947, and dry as can be : )


i love such old documentations. calm, destined voice aside of thoughtful clear visual explanations. but honestly when explanations start repeating and even the repetitions start becoming repetitive its time to say good bye for me.

We watched a lot of these types of films when I was in junior high/high school in the '60’s. Might have even seen this one. My absolute favorite is Frames of Reference…


yes einstein contradicting himself by saying everything is relative. only to have scientists battle for decades after his death and still do wether light speed is an ultimate.

here is one which i liked, its a little younger 1968

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No CGI in any of these. Not even computer editing and compositing. How was it possible to make these? :grinning:


But there is 3D graphics, visual effects and AR !

Helvetosaur…I agree.

That is my favorite one from the Physical Science Study Committee Films. There are about a dozen others.