Wonder: Insert Kink works on Curve that drives shape by history

Good to know, that you can insert kinks on curves after the fact and history would keep updating the shape.

How is this possible? The future.

Normally anything you do to modify a history enabled parent that does not change its object ID will be passed on to the children. It’s only when you make some kind of change that destroys the original ID and replaces it with a new one that history is broken.

Unfortunately there are a lot of simple operations that do this (change the object ID) - like even trimming a corner off a box or punching a hole in it, as behind the scenes Rhino creates a new object with a different ID and deletes the original.

Can we change this behavior in the future? Would be a dramatic shift. Thanks Mitch

Hi Hannes - I am confused about what you are asking for - was the original post a complaint or? What behavior do you want to change?


that Rhino would give with every minor change a new ID. So the history command would be very powerful if the ID would remain.

I would need an example. Where possible, Rhino keeps the ID intact - (Mitch is mistaken, in this case, trimming a corner off of a box does not create a new ID for the box; what does not stay as stable are edge indices on the object). I can’t tell from your first post what is right and what is not right from your perspective.


Yep, you’re right, I misspoke, in certain cases the ID is preserved, specifically if you use Trim or punch holes using something like RoundHole or MakeHole. However, any operation that requires splitting instead of trimming will likely change the ID of the object, like using Wirecut instead of Trim (depends on the options chosen), or using BooleanDifference to make the holes.