Wocoomerce & Shapediver

I nearly done aof all my drawing convert to API keys…

How can I embed my shaediver APIs to Woocommerce?

Paste which code to which place?

I mean Product image picture convert to shapediver drawing?

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Hi @haluk_aydogan,

If your business is selling jewelry, I would suggest checking out 2Shapes Cloud, you can set up your fully customizable e-commerce website with just 1 click.

You can check it out here: https://www.2shapes.com/videos/launching_your_ecommerce_in_one_click

Thanx for your advice… BU we are not in jewelery work… and I just need to know which place ı need to embed code ?

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Unfortunately, I’m not an expert on Shapediver, so I can’t help you further.
Hopefully, you will find someone that has the knowledge you are searching for, this community is very welcoming.

You need to create a WooCommerce plugin with a custom product page that uses the ShapeDiver viewer for visualization. This is rather straightforward for any web developer familiar with Wordpress. Contact us if you need a recommendation.

I made a custome page for shapediver and than import woocommerce buttons to there.