WMF export

There’s something different with the WMF file output in RH6 (and has been from the beginning).

I often export curves and hatches as WMF to include in Word or PowerPoint documents. Exports from RH6 do not work. When I drag’n’drop an RH6 WMF file from Explorer into Word, an icon with paint brushes in a glass with the file name beneath appears. When I go the ‘Insert picture from file’ route and pick any of the 4 wmf options in the list, I get an error message (just saying “An error occurred while importing this file”).

I have been exporting from RH5 to get workable WMFs out of Rhino.

Hi Wim- thanks for the heads-up, I’ll see if I can reproduce this.

Yep, I see it here as well.




RH-30081 is fixed in the latest WIP

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