Wizards unable to create plugin .rh60sdk_6.0.17110.13371

The plugin wizards are unable to create the plugin project in VC++ (Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition)

Hi Rajeev,

This is probably true, as we’ve just very recently switched to Visual C++ 2017. We have not made any big announcements yet as we are still working out a few issues, including the SDK installer. The documentation on our developer site is also due for a tune up.

– Dale

Thank you Dale. That explains it. On another note with the new Rhino WIP, the RhinoCommon method

RhinoDoc.ReadFile() throws an exception when the Rhino.FileIO.FileReadOptions is set to “Open”.
“Import” and “Insert” works OK.

The latest Rhino WIP (6.0.17110.13371, 20-04-2017) has solved the issue of RhinoDoc.ReadFile()
Thank you