With Grasshopper I forgot Rhino

At the beginning my Grasshopper definition has referenced some simple objects created in Rhino. After a while I’ve learned how to import data from spreadsheets, images or other Rhino files directly in Grasshopper. And I’ve observed at a moment that I’m working with an ‘empty’ Rhino file relying only on the Grasshopper definition to solve my project. When a new problem has to be solved I’m searching a solution in Grasshopper definition and I’ve seen I forgot Rhino commands…I know, I know, Grasshopper doesn’t exist without Rhino but it is like I’m ‘thinking’ only in Grasshopper…Do you feel the same?
Anyway, Rhino and Grasshopper are great tools and make me happy! Thanks to those bright minds who created them!

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Welcome to the club. It’s nice to know I’m not the only member.

Yes, this has already been commented on in the forum several times. Almost all Rhino commands are in GH, so you don’t need Rhino to use the tools. However, you do need it for visualization, for importing and modifying 3d models quickly, and some other workflow.

My interface layout name: “I got it, Dad”.

Something like Rhino is a visualization plugin for Grasshopper…I’m not a programmer and for sure my ignorance make me to say this but I like a lot these tools which allows me to develop my project while I’m learning how to use them!