Wishlist: Side panels autohide

It would be a welcome addition to Rhino on mac if there were an option for the side panels to automatically hide. When modeling on my laptop, screen real estate is always at a premium and instead of having to click the show-side-panel button at the top left and right, it would be great if the panels would hide when the cursor is not on top of them. Autocad has this feature and it’s quite helpful.


Apologies if this should be in a wishlist thread somewhere

not exactly what you’re asking for but possibly better.

go Preferences-> Mouse-> Screen Edges…

try the commands _ToggleRightSidebar or _ToggleLeftSidebar in desired location…

when your cursors touches the chosen edge, the panel will toggle on or off.


thank you! that does basically what i’m looking for.

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I have my layers and object properties on the right and I would actually prefer NOT having to hit the screen edge to HIDE the right sidebar. It would just close automagically when the mouse isn’t hovering over it any more…


This is what I was referring to. The method jeff_hammond suggested works fine, and I may end up getting used to it, but it would be much slicker if it were to happen automatically.

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…and the viewports shouldn’t (wouldn’t have to) resize when showing the sidebar… and the (hide-)delay should be short enough (nothing longer than 150 ms).