Wishlist: Custom Material per Wall Layer (or VAObj), per Rhino Object

Ability to add custom Material per Wall, Layer (or any Internal Brep) per VAObject.

It should reside in Wall (or any VAobject) Properties panel, maybe in a new, Material Section/Group.

The problem is that now we cannot add separate Materials in anything close to an efficient way.

The only way to separate materials is to assign a material to one layer in Wall Style Level, leave the rest of Wall Layers to Assign by Parent, then choose a material from Rhino Properties. That can offer at least 1 rhino controllable material.

But this is not practical because if different external and internal colours are desirable (which is almost 100% of the times), multiple copies of the same wall style should be created, add to that changing colours in internal walls or to walls with different thickness and you can and up having 100, unmanagable styles, just to change come colours.

The only solution we have found right now, especially for multiple materials, is exploding VAWalls, so the resulting geometry (ie. outer plaster, core, inner plaster) can be textured separately.

Also texture mapping is an issue, that may change from wall leyer to another, but this is a secondary issue that can be solved with complete re-thinking of how materials are accessed.

Ideally, I believe a Secondary “VA Textures” icon should appear in VAobject settings, which will be used for VAObjects. Materials listed would be any material that was assigned in VAStyle, which user can Override, per object (like wall offsets, etc.) Not sure how mapping would be added there.

In any case, adding a list of the available materials to change, per object (be it wall or other VA Object), either in a separate Tab or just a Material Section, will prove game changing for your software solution.

If there is another way to achieve the above functionality that we miss, please enlight us!


Hi @flatform, we need to study the best way to achieve this: materials and texture mapping assignment by style component and by object based.
Right now there is no other workaround as that you have already mentioned, and regarding texture mapping on wall layers (or other components), we can recommend using WCS textured materials.

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The easiest way would be for any materials assigned to the style to appear in VAOBject Properties, the same way ie. custom curves or breps appear in grasshopper components.

Click on the select material icon that is on the right of every material name, choose new material.

Exactly what happens with curves and breps.

Seems very straightforward solution that is quite easy and clean to implement.

WCS materials can be used but will they transfer mapping to other software (ie. Lumion, Twinmotion, not sure about Enscape)? Mapping is not so crucial though. Basic material change per object, is!

Thank you for replying. Hope to see some solution soon!

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This is the suggestion Visualised.

A new Section named Materials that appears in any type of VAOBject (Wallls, Windows, Furniture, etc.) Properties. To keep the list sort, only Materials that are assigned in Style properties will appear. Ie. VA Breps that have material “By Parent”, in the Style, will not appear, or similar function.

(Or keep hierarchy materials collapsed/expandable by sub-object, ie. like Wall layer offsets do. In the case of windows, we could see the same hierarchy like in the Style Properties, user expandable. This part of the suggestion is secondary and the filtering mentioned in the previous paragraph will cover much of the desired functionality).

Users will then be able to change desired Material, at their wish.

Support for Grasshopper Styles should be added, and all Grasshopper materials should appear, or selection by Brep (as there is now for curves/breps to be editable by Object level). But grasshopper support is secondary, what is urgent is regular material assignment described above.

See image attached, Regards.


Hi @fsalla , @flatform
I add my vote to this wish.
Many VA Gh def, need to use multiples materials on each internal components.
My examples are based in furniture/decorative object that need to be adjusted by creative teams.
A sofa use multiple finishes commonly 3 and actually we can only change by style and object, so 2 materials, and 1 in actually share by all objects.
Components will be as example > Frame, Seating cushions, Decorative Cushions…

I would like to use an GH custom finish to assign material to several components, and be able to access to a dropdown list in the properties for each component , like @flatform showed in his screenshot.
Ideally the name of chosen materials should be extract in the a table… :slight_smile:

Thank you for you help