Wishlet Join to join pointclouds


I just found that pointclouds cannot be joined by the join command.
Would be great because the current Pointcloud Add is cumbersome because you need separate clicks to selectthe clouds to and and the one to add to.


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Hi Willem,

Why not select all the pointclouds. Explode and then the PointCloud command?

1 big pointcloud.

There are workarounds,
yet that still is one clicks too many, and with large pointcoulds exploding can get your sytem to a crawl.


+1. They should retain colors after joining.

And what it any of them do not have colors?
What would be the defaultc color ?


Inherit the color of the first one picked, i guess?

Or the color of the current layer…? --Mitch

Or Black

Or White

PointCloud has an option to _Add
With this you can “join” postselected pointclouds.

Command: PointCloud
Select points ( Add Remove ): Add
Select points or point clouds to add:

Yes, but my point being that takes more clicks than just select the pointclouds involved and hit Join
Much like with other objects (curves ,meshes, surfaces)


Yeah, sorry!
+1 for _Join PointClouds

Load your point clouds into Cloud compare (open source and free), select all clouds and run the Fuse command. Export fused cloud as an e57 and re-import into Rhino.