Wishes v6: better control point tools, layer tools, and selected line display

List of suggestions.

I’m always switching between rhino, sketchup, autocad, illustrator. I’d really like to use just rhino.

  • steal the direct selection paradigm from Adobe Illustrator: just click a line with a Direct Selection arrow tool and have control points show up automatically, instead of having to run a separate Show Control Points command

  • make it easier to read selected lines by dashing them like autocad or highlighting them like illustrator, so I can reclaim yellow as a possible color to draw with

  • turn off the current layer to see stuff under it without having to select another layer

  • steal the layer freeze, layer lock ,etc commands from autocad

  • option to set the current layer to the last clicked object, like Illustrator

  • steal the very easy sketchup pushpulling, rotating, scaling, workflow

  • allow me to control the points of polysurfaces so I can stretch out a box’s points

  1. I don’t use Illustrator much but that seems like it would be the same amount of work if you were going back and forth between points on and regualr selection, (which is usually the case for me).
  2. +1
  3. ~
  4. Rhino has layer lock already (right after the lightbulbs in the layer palette), can’t remember what layer freeze is - it’s been 15 years since I used Autocad.
  5. ~
  6. Rhino has some of this in Solid Tools, they don’t always work perfectly, and aren’t as easy-peasy as Sketchup!
  7. Try SolidPtOn

For point 5, you could use _SetLayerToObject command or assign it to a function key


Have a look at _SolidPtOn that will allow for polysurfaces to have edit points.
Also check out _BoxEdit.

As for pushpulling, rotating, scaling, workflow, Do you use the Gumball at all?
Check out subobject selection (Select with Crl+Shift pressed) in combination with gumball
it can do a lot of editing without any tools other than the gumball.
I believe there are quite a few video tutorials online that cover the gumball workings.