Wishes: Shutlining for stitching lines


today try to use the shutlining for stich line creation on a leather seat but it’s not so useful yet. It could be great if some shutlining features could be add, since leather design is very useful transportation interiors and design objects.

  • profiles with independent high and width
  • not for stich lines only general I miss a soft profile like this

It could be great if per shutlining a complete stich line could be created. Different stich pattern could be possible, for example:

A simple dash line could be a first basic feature.

For a full stich tool it’s needed that stich and ground can get different materials. One way could be that the stich shutline would be combined with a sewing wire (a simple pipe along a curve). Here two quick examples. I’m sure if some one tries to implement the tool, more and better ways will be found:

Here my current test with shutline and a displaced pipe. Most I miss to set a width independent from the depth.



Hi Micha- thanks, added to the pile:



Something similar has been discussed in the past?: