Wishes for V8 Layouts

So far Rhino has been my dream software to use. The only thing lacking for me and our office to only use Rhino is documentation.

To make it short what I would want for the “ideal” Rhino version:

  1. Files/Subgroups for Layouts that you can batch-export to PDF with correct naming (like with layers, so far you can only “move” layouts)

  2. possiblity to have layer combinations for different Details.

And the dream (!) a bonus;

Add a second type of “layer” like in Vectorworks. Basically layers and construction planes / stories.

So basically we start drawing on construction plane 1 with our layers and on plane 2 is the second floor plan with the same layers and in the layout/detail I can select which construction plane (or combination of construction planes) are shown and additionally which layers are displayed for the specific detail.

Add this and I will personally come by and bring apples to MC Neel offices


Are you aware that when in a Layout or Detail, the Layer panel shows some extra columns (with another background color) with Layout/Detail-specific settings?
The column “Detail On” might be what you are looking for.

Something similar can be done with the (commercial) plugin VisualArq. It has a Level manager, which, among other things, automatically sets the construction plane to the active level’s height. It’s settings are remembered per viewport (also Detail).