Wish: Zoom previous

This one is a bit tricky. Say you zoom window into an area, and then zoom out just a touch with the scroll button, make your adjustments to the model - then zoom previous to where you started. It would be great to have an option setting to ignore the scroll button zoom increments.

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I hope You don’t have many more wishes! Why don’t You combine them in one topic - that way the forum won’t be to wishy :)))

Well I tried that once before and got into trouble… :frowning: anyway just one more coming up

Hi Brian- I’ll add your comments to our bug tracker as something to look into. It makes sense to me… it should behave like dynamic zoom, perhaps.


These bug track items are not visible to the public yet.



It turns out that it’s actually easier for us if the wishes are divided up into one wish or one feature per topic. A pile of wishes for different areas have to be divided up into multiple bugtracker items anyway, and it’s easier to link one bug/wish to one discourse post. :slight_smile: