Wish: Visual non-printable mark for text-containing objects with UserText

Hi All.

For v8 is it possible to implement? With option for not/displaying it (this fx mark).
I usually have many Text objects on Layouts containing UserText or any FX data.
It would be cool to visually determine them.

One more thing. If I have a portion of multiline text, which contains UserText, I would like to see it as well.
I’m not sure the method, color based or any another (non-printable dashed underscore as an example, maybe it’s even better than “fx” mark).

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hi @Screamer thanks for posting, I’ve added RH-74023 Visual indicator for text that is static vs generated

Would a command that lets you select all texts which contain fields work for you?

Hi @stevebaer

I think adding some new fields to FindText dialog box could be a solution as well.
Maybe a dropdown list of available FX items.
But visual representation could be still a good catch at a glance. I tend to dashed underscore line.
Probably somebody will suggest something more esthetic.