Wish Visual arq

I would like this tool for visualarq please.

Hi Miguel, do you wish to have the entire tools of RhinoPiping in VisualARQ? Or could you be more specific?

1.- Make a route of pipes with lines and then the pipes are placed automatically _minute 2:00

2.-That automatically adapt the pipes in the joints

3.-That you can enter information such as hot or cold water pipes or electricity

4.-That the takeoff of pipe routes and joints can be obtained

5.- Automated routes 1:55 minute

6.-Branching in & out: 2:08 min

7.-Network modification : 3:05 min

8.- Clash detection 4:00 min

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Nice, but it would be a VisualPIPE :wink:

For me, you could add stairs from curves and more flexibility in stair design: flights with different width, custom dimensions for landings, various structures for stair, I mean slab stairs, beam stairs etc. Also, some interaction between a wall and a slab / column / stairs would be fine. Also, a beam as a part of a slab. Plus more sophisticated roof creation: an easy control for each slope parameters (with highlighting it, not only a number), adding a roof trusses, adding roof elements (roof windows, dormers, bull’s eyes and so on). And finally, the better control of wall layers wrapping, with better and customable opening wrapping and customable layers connection option (I would love to have an opportunity to design such connections of my own).
Cheers, Jaro


Oh, I forgot: you could add an option for minimal and maximal number of steps in a flight.
Cheers, Jaro