Wish: Various new selection options, alternative Purge history, Delete warning

  1. Select objects with custom render mesh.

  2. Select objects that intersect each other.

  3. Select objects closer than x amount to each other. Example: if the x amount is 5 mm, then two bricks that are 5 mm away from each other will be selected, but a third brick that’s 10 mm away from any other object will not be selected).

  4. Select objects by date of creation. Obviously, for this to work, Rhino must write a date of creation for each new object in its properties that are seen with the “What” command next to the ID. This is hugely important feature, because many times there are multiple versions of the same object that represent various stages of modifications, hence it’s really hard, if not impossible, to distinguish which is the later version if the user forgot to rename the object with a consecutive number.

  5. Select curves with degree x. Select surfaces with degree x.

  6. Add an optional pop-up warning when deleting objects that are NOT visible in the viewport but exist in the scene somewhere behind the current camera view.

  7. Make “Purge history” better, by adding the following options:

  • Purge history from all objects (visible, hidden, locked, unlocked);
  • Purge history from visible objects only (history of hidden and locked objects remains);
  • Purge history from unlocked objects only (history of locked and hidden objects remains);
  • Purge history from hidden objects only (history of visible, locked and unlocked objects remain);
  • Undo Purge history (currently, if Purge history is used, Undo scene will NOT undo the lost history).

Numbers 1, 4, 5, and most of 7 (not the undo part) are scriptable.
Numbers 2 and 3 might be time consuming as everything needs to be checked, but are probably programmable with some effort.

I’m not familiar with Rhino script, unfortunately… Any ideas how these could work?

Here are a couple:

This one was already in my library (5a)
SelCrvsByDegree.py (795 Bytes)

For surfaces (5b) one would need to extrapolate this to checking degrees in the U and V direction.

For 4 (date) perhaps I misled you - one can easily report the creation order in the file of the object(s) but not the actual date/time it was created… Also, might not be all that useful, as when you modify an object, I’m not sure what happens to the order in the file… Have to check on that one

For 1 (select objs with custom mesh) you can try this hack and see if it works.
SelObjsWCustomMesh.py (1.7 KB)


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I like how you have a library. At best, I have a pile.


But what a pile it is !!! Lots of gold nuggets hidden in there when you go digging!

Would requests such as in the first post be better in Serengeti?