Wish V6 ability to modify the points of arcs,conic curves, circles, ellipses before the command is ended

When creating arcs,conic curves, circles, ellipses
It would be productive in V6 to be able to modify the points the user set down before these commands have ended.
This way I don’t have to points on and points off to modify the curve.
I never thought I would need this and I don’t except when I have to figure out these types of curves when drawing over plans or drawings of others then it would hugely beneficial.
It might seem new to us but I think it would be really productive.

  1. We wouldn’t have to post edit the curves with two commands, points on and points off.
  2. It really helps cut down on needless concentration when you have lots of curves to figure out. This way you wouldn’t be interrupted by saying “argh the points are not quite right I need to readjust the radius or one point needs to be moved” then go to using the points on and points off commands to fix the curve.

Maybe an undo like in other commands would be all that is needed but it would be nice to be able to post edit the points of the above mentioned commands whilst still in that command at least I have seen where that would be very helpful to me.
A conic is a great example we should be able to undo in that command.

What if you could see and manipulate control points immediately after selecting an object? That would essentially eliminate PtOn and PtOff.

I’m concerned that adding editing functionality into creation commands might just make both tasks harder.

Hi Roland - you call out some specific curve types -does this mean as well that the editing you are referring to should be to special points that keeps arcs as arcs and so on, or are you referring to standard control points?

Hi Pascal,
Yes that’s it special points that keep arcs as arcs and so on.
Thanks for asking,

Why we have undo in other curve creation commands why not in the above mentioned commands?

I don’t see how this could be made to work, many times I select objects for other reasons? You don’t explain how this would function so it’s impossible for me to really comment.


I think AutoCAD has done object selection and manipulation this way for years.

If you select an object, the grips appear. If you drag a grip, it moves the grip and changes the shape of the object. If you drag the object itself, it moves the whole thing. So you basically get both types of transformation at the same time.

Just because points are on automatically doesn’t prevent you from doing other things: extruding, trimming, etc.

Maybe this would just clutter the screen, and maybe it would make things easier.

In either case, I’m concerned that adding editing functionality to creation tools just muddies the waters and makes them more difficult to use.

I could see selectively modifying (muddying?) the interpretation of edit points though- on geometric objects that are simply & exactly defined like circles and arcs and whatnot, EditPtOn might mean showing something other than what we currently show with EditPoints, that would have constrained behavior.


Sure, I can understand having EditPtOn (in fact even PtOn in my opinion) showing the original points used to create the circle. That seems useful, and has been discussed but never done.

Perhaps I misunderstood Roland’s statement:

“This way I don’t have to points on and points off to modify the curve.”

I thought that was his central premise, not that the control points didn’t match what he put down originally. Roland - can you clarify?

Hi Brian,
I would like to alter the original points by moving them after setting them down like you suggest here.

This way I don’t have to edit the curve after the curve command is run. I think the best option would be to have a command line, (edit points) option when command is run. So after setting points you could click on the edit points option and move them if wanted and for the times we don’t need to edit the points we would get the old behavior and this would not hurt any persons work flow
Thanks for listening and sorry so late in answering.

It seems to me like the current behavior in Rhino WIP is pretty close to what you’re after:

Draw a curve
Select the curve
Edit the points

Am I missing something?

I haven’t tried the wip so I can’t judge if that works or not. Is there a 32 bit wip of v6?

The above seems the same as v5 it’s the re-selecting a curve and turning on edit points then edit points off I’m trying to avoid.
There is a reason I want it within the command when you do tons of tracing I don’t want to have to re-select the curve when it’s surrounded by tons of other curves.
Anyways thanks for answering.

Nope… V6 will be 64 bit only.


64-bit Windows 7 or newer. Vista and XP are not supported.

For someone who works in AutoCAD LT some part of every day - this is a significant improvement. As you described above - when you draw a line (or any other shape) in AutoCAD the grips are on until you exit the command. I probably hit F10 several hundred times a day - maybe more, to turn on points. Much as I like the idea of eye popping new features like everyone else it’s really the small things that make your day more efficient that really matter. And I don’t mind the extra click to select. Thanks for this.