WISH : User text key/value search engine with interface

Presently, there are only command-line tools for selecting objects by value or key/value pair.
IMHO, it would deserve at least a little bit of interface with drop-downs listing the available keys, perhaps a way of sorting numeric values above or under such or such value, etc…
You know, something to make it worthwile bothering with attributes.

Added to wish list:

Nice try…

It’s up to the developer if they want it visible outside development.
I did see some comments that it would not be a difficult task.
Keep your snark reserved for a better cause.

Err… If we can’t access the “Youtrack” item, then why did you post the link ?
Not being snarky, just logical.

Thanks for adding it to the wishlist nonetheless.

We include the Discourse link and YouTrack links in both places so they can be found later. We found this has greatly helped in the process.

That way we can find additional details that users added later to the forum postings. When something is fixed/added and released, we can reply directly that it has been fixed/added.

We generally have a bias towards allowing public view of YT items, but it is as the digression of the developer.

Messages that come in through direct tech support are generally NOT available for public view.

The developer opened the issue up to public view.