Wish: Use the TAB key to toggle between U and V direction

I think that Rhino users could benefit from being able to quickly toggle between U and V direction with the Tab key in commands such like “Insert knot”, “Remove knot”, “Split” with isocurve, “Rebuild surface UV” etc. :slight_smile: In the case of “Insert knot” which offers 3 options (U, V or Both), each press of the Tab key could switch between these in the same fashion by rotation.




Do you find tapping T+Space too onerous to toggle the directions?
The T+Space feels more natural for my left hand than tapping Tab with my left little finger.


I think that pressing a single key (Tab) is easier and quicker for most users than using a key combination like T+Space. Also, most 3d connexion devices include a Tab key, but lack both T and Space. :slight_smile: The Tab key is already a commonly used to toggle directions or rotation in Rhino.